Salesforce is not the fastest-growing enterprise software company ever — it‘s Amazon

reiterated a familiar refrain this week after Salesforce‘s earnings report, that his company “remains the fastest-growing enterprise software company of all time.”

But he‘s wrong.

Amazon Web Services, with $6.7 billion in , is about twice the size of Salesforce, which on Tuesday reported of $3.4 billion. AWS was created inside in 2006, about seven years after Benioff co-founded Salesforce.

Benioff isn‘t completely off the mark. Among independent software companies, Salesforce did reach $10 billion in annual sales faster than any of its predecessors. If it can meet Benioff‘s prediction of reaching $20 billion by 2022, it will be the quickest to that mark as well.

But AWS could surpass $70 billion that year, according to a Nov. 28 report from Jefferies.">(function($){$(document).ready(function(){});})(jQuery);