Robert Mueller releases Michael Flynn memo detailing lies to FBI

By – The Washington Times – Monday, December 17, 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday released a heavily redacted memo detailing former National Security Adviser ’s interview with FBI agents in which repeatedly lied about his s with then-Russian Ambassador .

The January 2017 memo describes FBI agents’ conversation with about his s with . pleaded guilty last year to lying to FBI agents about his s with . He will be sentenced Tuesday.

repeatedly told the FBI agents, including former agent Peter Strzok, that he did not speak to about U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia.

The memo says downplayed his interactions with . He even told the agents that he had not sought to influence Russia on a United Nations Security Council Vote.

In the interview, deemphasized his interactions with , offering bland descriptions of the conversations.

told the agents “not really” when asked if he told not to escalate the diplomatic conflicts over sanctions with the U.S. In his guilty plea last year, admitted that he did, in fact, do so.

“I don’t remember,” told the agents, but then later telling them, “It wasn’t ‘don’t do anything,’ ” according to the memo.

The memo notes that said he didn’t have a “long drawn out” discussion with where he would have asked him to “don’t do something.”

But had asked Mr. Kislayk to “refrain from escalating the situation” in response to sanctions imposed by the United States, prosecutors said. 

said he only called officials of other countries to find out where they stood on a vote and not to offer any favors in exchange for a vote, according to the memo.

But had to be reminded that he that called ahead of the vote.

“The interviewing agents asked if he recalled any discussions with about a United Nations vote surrounding the issue of Israeli settlements. quickly responded, ‘Yes, good reminder,’ ” according to the filing.

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